Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Paradise" returns

Just found out that telenovela SIN SENOS, NO HAY PARAISO is being rebroadcast (locally anyway) at noon. Today's capitulo takes place after Catalina has had first operation, returns home--and her school sweetheart/love of her life confronts her as to who paid for it & why.

She gives him snow job as Greek type chorus of catchy-rappy music comments she's sliding down the slippery slope of mendacity.

Reminds me of 18th century Hogarth prints illustrating some morality tales of temporary society; one famous series MARRIAGE A LA MODE tells of marriage arranged between two young people whose families sell a title for wealth. Don't know how PARAISO ends, but can't be much worse!

Think I saw etching's of Hogarth paintings in Time Life book THE WORLD OF GAINSBOROUGH, 1727-1728. Very likely Jane Austen could have seen those; as one essay I read comments (I think in collection of her Juvenalia), she was a child of the robust 1700's, not a prim Victorian ignorant of or blushing at facts of life like those included in this 21 st century telenovela which I think Jane might have enjoyed!

Lots of likable, entertaining characters as well as amusing villains that "you love to hate". Think title (original book title is slightly different, a bit more crude) refers to a Spanish saying, meaning the Garden of Eden wasn't paradise for Adam until Eve showed up (with her "girls" as Oprah calls her front "bumpers"--well, want to be sure it's clear what's being refered to!)

Jane reviewed a novel called SELF-CONTROL by Mrs. Brunton which can be read online for free. She said something like Laura's journey down the American river may be the most believable happening in this unlikely tale (which apparently begins with heroine being assalted by "hero"--I haven't read it myself; for one thing, hate reading an entire book on a computer screen. Give me paper pages!)

Been busy busy busy and TIRED. So it may be awhile before I go back to edit and add to previous posts (if I wait until posts are "perfect" before making public, no-one would ever see them--I've got at least a dozen drafts of emails languishing in limbo because I didn't have time to finish and polish before sending. I need more time in my days...... can you do that in the new year, dear Santa? ;-)

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