Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dona Barbara

I read English translation of novel DONA BARBARA by Romuo Gallegos, wanting to finish book before telenovela currently being aired ends.
Though I missed much of the tv version, I can tell it is very different--lots of romances added for TV (hero and title character never get together in book for instance, though the Dona falls madly in love with Our Hero. Modern TV version (filmed in lusher, very greenColombia, rather than book's Venezuela plains area) also seems prettier & funnier too!

Novel dwells more on conflicts of "barbarism" or lawlessness and Civilization, as symbolized by the tow protagonist and their associates. Spanish word "barbara" is related to barbaric (from bearded invadors of ancient Roman territory) means "terrible"; barbara also came to mean "terrific", as in English usage for something great!

(This word play on a woman's name was used in comic novela PICARA SONADORA by Eduardo Palomo's character for first fiancee he never really loved. Reminds me of 1930's screwball romantic comedy's--pampered heir to department store empire pretends to be poor when he falls for toy dept clerk/law student(who is secretly saving money by living in furniture dept; her uncle is night watchman--who turns out to be long-lost love of hero's grandmother, very business-like matriarch who ran store empire; forced to marry rich man.)

Another aside on word origens: "barbequeue" comes fom words meaning beard and tale, refering to something like roast goat which includes everything from beard or head to tail or "queue" in French, I think).


When I have more time, I plan to finish this post and also re-arrange and add to posts of past week...

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