Monday, December 1, 2008

Bit more background on video clips

Leading man (or galan ) of version of LA MENTIRA starring Kate Del Castillo is Guy Ecker. His parents are German-Americans, but he and his siblings were born and raised in various Latin American countries. Tho gringo in appearance, he says he has a corazon latino.

His bilingual fansite is ; website for Edith Gonzalez, the female star of CORAZON SALVAJE (and Guy's leading lady in SALOME) is You can find other info on her in English (including Wikipedia entry) by searching her name.

While hero of CORAZON SALVAJE and Prince Geom in DJY share some similarties in not knowing their biological fathers for early part of their lives, the difference in their treatment by their supposed fathers maybe be that Juan del Diablo was conceived while his mother was married to best-friend of his "real" father; Chulin hadn't married Geom's "adoptive" father yet.

To be fair, Li Kaigu was a loving father to Geom, up until the Khitans again left their homeland to fight under the Tang Chinese general Xu Rengui--and their path crossed with DJY, sending Kaigu into jealous rage that at times even turned again his adoptive son who he confused with his noble rival DJY. (Kaigu chose name of baby boy; geom means either spear or sword, I forget which).

Another "rival" of DJY was Yeon Namseng, eldest son of Goguryeo general who was that country's supreme military commander. But while priority of proud Namseng (whose tomb really exists) was his own will and personal advancement, humble DJY choose to do whatever would help the Goguryeo people. DJY's shown symbolically kneeling, offering his own back for ailing Supreme general, in heavy full battle armor to step on to mount his steed.

BTW, it was Namseng's marriage proposal to Princess Sukyoung (DJY's future bride) that prompted her to retort she would "marry the hero who saves the country. It is not yet clear who that will be". Namseng's cocky assumption he will triumph in battle tho he's never fought before is example of typical traits of his Chinese zodiac animal, the rooster. DJY is probably tiger; usually timid or fearful Princess S. may be rabbit. (Nomad Chulin may be horse.)

Dragonish Xue Rengui' s comic sidekick Hong Pei may also be worrying rabbit; humorous traditional Korean art shows tigers and dragons teased by rabbits. DJY's sworn blood brothers, Gulsabiwu and Huek (sp?) Sudol have comic scene where former (loyal dog) tricks latter (gulible pig or boar) into thinking he's the elder and therefore commands respect of his "junior". Book EVERLASTING FLOWER shows sculpture of boar in armor, one figure of popular zodiac figures used in tombs (and probably other less lasting types of Asian art).

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