Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tales of the Three Kingdoms

Examples of other alternative spellings are in English translation of Samguk Yusa by Illyon. Page 26 of "Silk Pagoda" edition (Book--or scroll--One, part 8) quotes: "The Old Book of Silla says, "The family name of Choyong (a general of Koguryo) was Tae. He gathered together his defeated soldiers on the souther side of Taebaek mountain and established a new state which he called Palhae."

By the way, Sanguk Yusa: Legends and History of the Three Kingdoms of Ancient Korea, was more like someone's hobby rather than an official history. Illyon gathered together tales that interested him, in no particular order that I can figure out--rather like this blog! English paperback edition by Silk Pagoda, ISBN 1-59654-348-5 has no index, so I've stumbled on bits about period of DJY drama by fliping thru its 360 pages.

More fantasy than factual is story on page 170 about Tang official who vowed to be reborn in Koguryo in order to ruin that county to revenge a humiliation of Tang emperor. However, one of the reasons DJY was so enjoyable is the drama's resemblance to a fairytale at times!

(to be continued ;-)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Geom: The Once and Future King?

Finally got to re-watch my tapes of final two episodes of DJY, making notes of some of the dialogue which I may get around to double-checking and posting here (assorted cards & pages jotted on keep falling down and getting mislaid!)

Geom's future is sort of left up in the air and vague, but my feeling is he will succeed his father as king of new country (variously spelled in romanization Parhae/Palhae (pronounced Pohai in Chinese--my notes also list Bohai=Bokkai) and, in English captions of the drama, Balhae.

In this period of Goguryean history, kings often changed their names on ascending the throne, and were given a new name after their decease. describes second king of Balhae as an excellent swordsman and eldest son of DJY.

Legend refered to there on swiftness of his swordstrokes (reputedly able to cut a fly in four pieces) reminds me of book title Sword that Cuts Burning Grass by Thomas (& Dorothy ?)Hoobler) about boy who wants to be a samurai.

...Will try to continue topic of Geom & co. later, and maybe add some more when I have time (got a lot of notes and "wrote" a bunch of stuff in my head, but just haven't been able to go online!....